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Cure Kids Cancer


Right now, May 4-6, Connie and Fish on my local radio station Z104 FM are running a Radiothon. It's 6am-7pm for three days, 39 hours to raise money to cure kids' cancer. 40 children will die of cancer in Wisconsin this year, and they are trying to get as many listeners as possible to join the Connie and Fish Cure Kids Club, by donating $15 (or more, or less) monthly (or once) to cancer research and program development. The University of Wisconsin Children's Hospital is one of the best pediatric oncology centers in the country, and the money donated will stay local to the hospital and it's research and development programs. I know that almost none of you are from Wisconsin, let alone my part of Wisconsin, but if you see this before 7pm Central on Friday May 6th, and you have 5 dollars to give once, or give monthly, or more than that, or if you're looking for a good cause to send some of the money you plan on donating this year, THIS IS IT.

They've had kids who survived, and families of kids who did and didn't survive on the show, telling their stories... these families are so wonderful, and I haven't spend 5 minutes in the car without crying in the last two days because these stories are so heartwrenching.

The only thing preventing a cure for cancer is enough money to make it happen. Do what I did... join the Club if it's at all possible, and save some lives.

(I won't be offended if you don't, or can't. But at least think about it. And maybe pass the word along.)
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