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[16 Oct 2009|04:49pm]
[ mood | happy ]

I'm pretty sure no one gives a crap and reads my LJ anymore.

But, um. I got married on September 4th!

So here are somewhere around 100 pictures for your viewing pleasure. It's a slideshow. I didn't choose the song, my photographer did. The funny thing about that...? It was neck and neck with the song we chose for our first dance, and only lost out by a little bit. She said she chose it because it reminds her of the way we look at each other.

My only response was that apparently, my photographer is the next person after my husband who "gets" me. I love her. So here you go.

Our Slideshow

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What I'm Thankful For [28 Nov 2008|11:10am]
[ mood | giddy ]

Yesterday I had a chance to think about what is really important.

I'm thankful for my family first and foremost, and my friends, and my life. My health and that of my family and friends. That the world may soon change for the better. For babies and TURKEY!

But yesterday, as selfish as it may be, I was most thankful for:


And because you might think the ring is as UNBELIEVABLY GORGEOUS as I do.... Here you go :)




Story to follow :)

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Song Survey [07 May 2005|10:20am]
[ mood | content ]

So I'm behind the times. I still like it :)

I heart this survey.Collapse )
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Cure Kids Cancer [05 May 2005|11:30pm]
[ mood | determined ]


Right now, May 4-6, Connie and Fish on my local radio station Z104 FM are running a Radiothon. It's 6am-7pm for three days, 39 hours to raise money to cure kids' cancer. 40 children will die of cancer in Wisconsin this year, and they are trying to get as many listeners as possible to join the Connie and Fish Cure Kids Club, by donating $15 (or more, or less) monthly (or once) to cancer research and program development. The University of Wisconsin Children's Hospital is one of the best pediatric oncology centers in the country, and the money donated will stay local to the hospital and it's research and development programs. I know that almost none of you are from Wisconsin, let alone my part of Wisconsin, but if you see this before 7pm Central on Friday May 6th, and you have 5 dollars to give once, or give monthly, or more than that, or if you're looking for a good cause to send some of the money you plan on donating this year, THIS IS IT.

They've had kids who survived, and families of kids who did and didn't survive on the show, telling their stories... these families are so wonderful, and I haven't spend 5 minutes in the car without crying in the last two days because these stories are so heartwrenching.

The only thing preventing a cure for cancer is enough money to make it happen. Do what I did... join the Club if it's at all possible, and save some lives.

(I won't be offended if you don't, or can't. But at least think about it. And maybe pass the word along.)

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[10 Dec 2004|07:56pm]
[ mood | numb ]

So, I never update anymore. I almost never feel like it. I wouldn't "feel" like it now, except that I have this unmistakable need to get this out of my head.

My grandfather died a year and 3 days ago. I still don't really believe he's gone. Since I don't live at home anymore, I just keep going home expecting to see him, and he's not there. I've only been home twice since he passed away, and I just don't know how to get it through my head, once and for all that I'm never going to see him again. Because he's my pop-pop, you see... I've never lived without him, and I miss him, more than I ever thought I would. Horrible, isn't it, that I couldn't imagine missing him this much, because he was old, you know? And I didn't see him all THAT often, even though he and mom-mom only lived an hour away. Like it would have been such a big deal to see them more often. I know it's pointless to have regrets now, and I try not to, but sometimes it's just so overwhelming. I'm not looking forward to missing him on Christmas. He was such a great guy, you know? Always joking, so kind and wonderful, he really was such a lovely man, everyone should have been so priveleged as to know him. I just wish I had had more time to say goodbye. That I could have seen him one last time.

There's just so much going on in my life right now, so much flux, most of it good even, but there promises to be even more, one way or another. I had such a great day, an amazing interview for a real job, and scheduling another interview for MOnday for another real job, and both jobs promise to be wonderful opportunities... and then I see a stupid TV show that reminds me that I never get to hug pop-pop again and I break down.

So, thanks for listening. Reading. Whatever.

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[08 Sep 2004|02:16pm]
[ mood | content ]

Wow. So, it's been a long time, eh? There's been a lot going on, so I guess I should apologize, but I really have been busier than ever. Though, with the amount of time I spend reading the rest of you, I guess I really have no excuse. So anyway.

A long time ago, someone tried to steal my car while I was visiting John. I do have the most stolen car in America, but I still never thought about it, living in Wisconsin. In New York/CT, yeah, I'd have been worried, but never here. Well, I walked out to my car early one morning and I turned my key in the lock, but it was already unlocked. "Funny," I thought to myself, "I didn't unlock this car all weekend." See, I have this neat little anti-theft device that I decided not to remove after all, and it locks my car doors automatically when I shut off the car. Then I opened the door to beepbeepbeepbeep! beepbeepbeepbeep! "Funny," I think to myself again, "that's the sound my car makes when there's a key in the ignition." So I sit myself down in my driver's seat, and look at the ignition. There's a key snapped off in there where someone tried to start my Ezra with the wrong key. Anyhow, they didn't succeed, but I called the police, was late to work, and it was a general pain in my rear-end. So, that's major event number one I didn't record.

John's birthday was fairly uneventful too. He got MST3K volumes 1 and 5 from my parents and I, respectively. He got a wine rack that I killed myself to find, and succeeded, because I'm awesome. He also got floor seats to Sarah McLachlan. Incidentally, his birthday was near the end of July. The concert, which I'll get into later, was not until last weekend. I bought the tickets on January 9th at 10am. I'm a forward thinker. You might say I had faith in this relationship :)

At the end of July and beginning of August I moved from my apartment of 2 years to a less awesome apartment. However, I now live with 2 less people, have a bigger bedroom, and on the really hot days, A/C for no extra charge. The kitchen has no counter and cabinet space even though it's a big kitchen, and I have to say that's absolutely the most annoying thing about it. It's so hard to cook in there! I bought a wireless router for the place though, so I no longer have wires running everywhere, and I must say, it's not like I haven't used wireless before, but oh boy do I love it!

August 13th John and I saw a year, officially. It's a few weeks after we actually spoke for the first time, but we figure the in-person meeting holds a bit more significance. He cooked me three square meals, and we generally spent time around the apartment and just enjoyed being together. Quite honestly, I don't know how I ever did without him. He's fuzzy.

Also, at the beginning of August, I started at my new job. The restaurant opened on the 20th, and I've been working 4 or so shifts a week since we opened. Some nights/days I make nothing, but I've walked away with $150 in my pocket also, so I guess it evens out juuuust fine. I'm finding that I'm WAY suited to waitressing. I still make a few mistakes once in a while, but it's only been two weeks and hey -- we're all new, the place is new, no one expects all the kinks to be worked out yet. So yeah, I love it. I work with (mostly) great people, the place is beautiful, and I don't even feel like I'm working when I'm there. It's just fun. I understand now why some people with college degrees keep waitressing. If you've got the personality, there's nothing more fun. I like to talk to people. That's pretty well served at Starbucks, but it's very well served at the restaurant.

Speaking of Starbucks, I've been passed over for promotion 4 times in about 3 months. I want to quit, but I've already made the decision that Starbucks is the job I'm giving up when I go back to school, so I have a set date on how long I have to endure the place. I used to love my job, but since it's become evident that someone somewhere hates me for no good reason, I've resigned myself to my current position for a few months... and then I'll be free. I'll go back to Starbucks maybe if I move somewhere else.

So. Friday was the Sarah McLachlan concert that I've been looking forward to for about 9 months now. Before the concert I bought us dinner at Joey Buona's on Water St in Milwaukee - home of the best Italian Nachos known to man. We brought most of those home -- we forgot how absolutely huge the portion is. Anyway, we got to the concert a little early, and got to people watch. There are some strange people who like Sarah, let me tell you. So, the best part of the whole night was the opening act - an adorable, amazing girl from Australia named Butterfly Boucher. Bow-cher, not Boo-shea, because that's how it is in Australia - and yes, Butterfly is her real name. She has a fantastic voice -- in fact, I'm pretty sure it's better live than on CD, and she puts on a fantastic show. John and I became instant fans and bought CDs at the break, and had them autographed. Let me prove it to you. Butterfly Boucher You won't be disappointed.

Anyway, Sarah herself was fantastic of course, but nothing out of the ordinary. We were 25 rows back to the right of the floor. They were great seats. Anyway, Sarah sounds just as good in person as on CD, and she's beautiful of course, and her voice is amazing of course, but she didn't really put on a great show. The set was cool, but she only really looked comfortable when she was sitting at the piano. Standing up with a guitar, she looked... stiff, I suppose. Regardless, the entire experience was totally worth all the money it cost. So, yay.

Not much left to report. I'm going to Pittsburgh with John to see his family for Thanksgiving. I'm so incredibly excited, it's going to be fantastic. His mom's also coming to visit him at the end of the month, and I can't wait to see her then. She's the best.

So you probably didn't even make it to the end of this. Let's hope I update considerably more often and with less information from now on, hmm?

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Interesting [02 Jul 2004|12:38pm]
[ mood | hot ]

You are a WECF--Wacky Emotional Constructive Follower. This makes you a candle burning at both ends. You work until you drop, and you play until you can stand to work again. You have so much enthusiasm that you can find it hard to control on your own, and you appreciate the guidance that channels your energy and lets you be your best.

In a relationship, you require lots of attention and support. You often over-contribute and end up feeling depleted and cheated. You may benefit from more time alone than you grant yourself.

Your driving force is the emotional support of others--especially affection. You can run on empty for miles if you have positive energy behind you. Without it--as it occasionally must run dry--you are depressive, listless, and difficult to motivate.

You need a lot of affection. Get it any way you can, but never at the cost of your self-respect or well-being.

strangely accurate. who knew?
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:) [28 May 2004|05:52pm]
[ mood | loved ]

Honestly, I think I am dating the most wonderful man in the universe.

I wouldn't trade him for anything or anyone.

Ever. EVER.

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[18 May 2004|02:40pm]

my name is blue... my favorite color! find out what color you are..

<*font color="username"*>username<*/font*> and remove asterisks :)
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Heartburn [12 Apr 2004|10:52pm]
[ mood | loved ]

The problem with loving someone this much -- with loving them with all that I have to give and probably more, and more and differently than I ever have before, is that I'm so much more susceptible to hurt.

Or, not to hurt, but to feeling more intensely. Things that didn't scare me before scare me now. Or at least, threaten to fill me with the fear that I won't get to accomplish things or go places or do things with him, things I want to do, places I want to go, things I want to experience by his side.

I've had dreams and desires all my life, and now they include him. I made him promise to tour Europe with me someday.. I want to go on a cruise, I want to see a baseball game in every ballpark in the country, I want to go on a picnic (do you believe I never have?), live my life, do everything I've ever wanted to do.. with him.

It's funny how my life before him seems distant and blurry - like the unfocused points in a photograph that are somehow important to its composition, but far from the focus - clear, brilliant, and ever-defined in technicolor.

He is the bright, fire-engine red in contrast to the soft black-and-whites that exist around him. It bleeds out and my world is all a little red these days.

I like it that way.

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Awww.... [30 Mar 2004|11:34am]
Your mood before seeing them: So, so happy. And a little nervous.
Who introduced you: He did, really :)
Where you met them: www.match.com --- I haven't written an official testimonial yet, but... I was there as a joke, and now I recommend it to anyone.
What you noticed first: His height, and his smile
What they noticed first: I don't know :) I don't think I ever asked.
Their first impression of you: I looked exactly like he thought I would
First thing you said in their presence: Aside from hi? Probably something like "Come on in", or "It's so good to finally *see* you".
Kind of person you thought they were: I knew what kind of person he was. Is.
From 1-10 [10 being highest likelihood], how much of a chance you thought you had with them: 10.
Did you have sex the first time you hung out: Nope :)

First Hand-holding [where it took place / who initiated it / rating 1-10]: I don't remember. That day was seamless.
First hug [where took place / who initiated it / rating 1-10]: Outside my apartment, it was mutual, and somewhere around a 12.
First kiss where took place / who initiated it / rating 1-10]: Leaning against the table in my breakfast nook.. I'm pretty sure it was him, and it also gets a 12.

Fo' sheezy, girls, have you SEEN him? :)

Romantic: I dunno. I kinda liked sitting out on the Union Terrace with our feet in the water of Lake Monona, leaning against each other. Tied with that him cooking me dinner for New Years/Xmas, and later that night sharing a bottle of Dom Perignon on the couch in our PJs at midnight. It's the simple things...
Kinky: :-X

Horny: Hah! Me, probably.
Romantic: Traditionally? Me. But he very much is, in less obvious ways.
Sensitive: Me
Shy: Me
Attractive: Him
Intelligent: Him
Spiritual: Neither of us particularly... him, if I had to pick though.
Humorous: Him.. but me too in my own stupid way :)
Messy: Me.
Confused: Huh? ;)
Loud: Hmm. Me?

Eyes: 10
Nose: 10
Lips: 10
Ears: 10
Jawline: 10
Hair: 8 when it's all shaved-like, 10 when it's real hair. :)
Hands: 10
Arms/elbows: 12
Tummy: 10
Bewbies / pecs: 10
Legs: 12
Butt: 12
Feet: uhh...10? I don't think I ever look at his feet.

Song: Way too many.. but "Everything in 2s" and "I Do" by Better Than Ezra if I have to pick
Movie: American Wedding.
Food: Anything he cooks!
Drink: Gin n' Tonic
Household Appliance: Err...
Book: Not one in particular.
Type of Tree: Uhh...
Animal: He's mah monkey!

Article of Clothing: Sweaters. His sweaters. And his athens tshirt.
Jewelry Item: n/a
Favorite Band: The Clarks, probably. But I can't really limit this, because 99% of the time he has great taste in music.
Friend: Brent
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not dead [20 Jan 2004|04:32pm]
[ mood | fidgety ]

I'm not dead. I am, however, busy.

I'm not in school this year. When anything starts to make you want to throw up every day and gives you anxiety attacks, you shouldn't do it anymore. So I'm not. Do we all enjoy the 5 year old logic I'm using? At any rate, I'm way, WAY happier knowing I don't have to deal with the hell that is school for right now, and I will have more (well.. maybe) time to write here, read books, and sort out my life. Phew.

I am now working 40 hours a week, and looking at increasing that to 60ish by adding a nanny-type job. There's a couple with a 4 month old who are supposedly considering me, so we'll see how that goes. I would love to work with children/a child, so let's hope someone would love to have me play with their baby for a few hours a day, hmm?

The stupid people that seem to frequent Starbucks are getting more abundant. From the lady who responds to "We have organic milk" with a blank stare and the question "Like, from a cow?" to all of the people who don't realize they're not the only people in the world, it's a very amusing and frustrating place to be. However, most of the lovely people who are regulars in my store are... lovely, and I enjoy being their coffee manservant for a few minutes until I can deliver their steaming cup of deliciousness. And to those of you who may order frappucinos when it's -15 outside, WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?!?!?!?! Okay, I'm done now.

I still have a wonderful boyfriend. I wake up every day and wonder how on earth I landed this one, but every night I go to bed and his voice is the last thing I hear and.. damn, that's nice. There was a tickle war this weekend, which was one of the best things we've done in ages. I know, I know, how can rolling around on a bed tickling the ever loving shit out of each other for five minutes be considered one of the best things that's happened to me in forever? Just believe me. Laughing with him makes me feel... I don't know. Good. Really, really good.

Let me tell you about our Xmas/New Years. We wore pajamas. He cooked me beef burgundy, which was sooo delicious. We shared a bottle of wine (it wouldn't die!) over dinner. We ate the "chocolate cloud cake" he baked, which I promptly renamed "chocolate orgasm cake". We exhanged presents. We cuddled up and watched TV. We shared a bottle of Dom Perignon at midnight.. my first bottle of expensive champagne, and it was awesome. It was a wonderful, comfortable celebration.. it couldn't have been better. Dick Clark's New Years Rockin Eve doesn't hold a candle to a quiet night at home with my John.

So, he's wonderful. Is there any doubt? Nope. Okay then.

I got into a car accident that wasn't my fault a couple of weeks ago. Thsi uninsured doofus thought he had the right of way. He was wrong. Very wrong. His car is fine.... mine isn't. In a few days I'll be taking it into the shop and driving around something cute and different while they fix my beautiful car. *sigh* I have a $500 deductible to come up with.. I don't know where I'm going to get it, but I'm... optimistic that I can work something out with the body shop. They're getting my business, hopefully they'll be willing to wait another pay period for the second half of their money. We'll see.

I'm apartment hunting with my bestest buddy Ann. We are, in fact, inseprarable, in case you were wondering. We're kind of a unit. Which rules, because it's been forever since I had a bestest bestest friend I could do everything with, and now I do. I love her to death. She's like a boyfriend, only female. We would jump in front of speeding trains and bullets for each other, and she bails me out of trouble when I need her too, and comes running when I don't want to be alone. She. Is. The. Best. Thought you should know.

Okay, I've said enough. I just felt like writing. I feel very emotional and strange lately, and maybe I'll start writing to work out my neuroses. I need to do that, or I'm going to end up one wreck of a woman.

:) Peace.

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Sorry, and all that jazz [29 Dec 2003|11:35pm]
[ mood | melancholy ]

Okay, sometime soon I swear I'll write about what's happened this whole "vacation". Well.. you know, most of it.

I just haven't been able to write anything anyone would want to read lately, because it seems there's this veil that's draped over everything I do and think and am, and it's kinda heavy, and it's not quite clear. Everything's a little fuzzy, and I'm always a little sluggish, though that might have more to do with the curious happenstance that I can't sleep through the night or sleep *well* here when I do sleep, for whatever reason.

Last night I acquired a poster that used to belong to my grandfather. He has always told me I could have it.. it's of a kitten, clinging to a tree branch by it's paws, dangling there in space. The caption at the bottom reads "OH SHIT" in big block letters. I bought a duplicate a few years ago at a poster shop in Madison, but of course.. it wasn't a duplicate. It wasn't my grandfather's. So.. I finally do own this poster, although I'd give it back in less than a heartbeat if my grandfather could be alive and healthy again. I know that's a silly and/or stupid thing to say, but it's what I feel. It still hurts so badly to know he's gone.. every time I remember I just sit here and cry. I look at the poster and cry. I go to my grandparents' (now my grandmother's) apartment and I walk through the rooms he used to spend time in where some of his things still linger and I fight back tears so the whole family doesn't catch me. I don't understand why no one else seems sad about it.. I mean, I know they ARE, but no one has really showed it at all. And I know we all deal in different ways, and that's cool, but I've been hiding everything, and no one knows how badly I'm hurting, so it seems like no one cares. And maybe I should just tell them.

My grandfather was such a special person. Everyone who knew him knew how warm and loving and amazing he was... how he made every single person he talked to feel special. I will always miss sleepovers there as a child, and how he made us his special "Pop-pop juice" whenever we visited, and how he always gave me "big fat juicy ones" when he kissed me on the cheek. I have a picture of him, laughing and happy.. and even though the last time I saw him he looked ghastly in a hospital bed, laughing and happy is how I'll always remember him. Because 99% of the time... he was.

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:( [08 Dec 2003|09:42pm]
My grandfather died yesterday morning. I've never been through this before, and I know I'll have to do it again, but it's damn freaking awful.

I'm flying home tomorrow for the funeral Wednesday morning... It's going to be an awful hard week. Finals next week, too.

Jesus. I don't care about anything anymore.
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Bandwagon, hooo!!! [13 Nov 2003|04:10pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Thinks far with vision
Easily influenced by kindness
Polite and soft-spoken
Having lots of ideas
Active mind
Tends to delay
Choosy and always wants the best
Funny and humorous
Loves to joke
Good debating skills
Knows how to make friends
Able to show character
Easily hurt
Prone to getting colds
Loves to dress up
Easily bored
Seldom show emotions
Takes time to recover when hurt
Brand conscious
Those who love me are enemies
Those who hate me are friends

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Bored. [09 Oct 2003|11:13am]
[ mood | cranky ]

i stole this from Norah :)Collapse )

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"I'll be your everlasting.." [07 Oct 2003|12:07am]
[ mood | melancholy ]

11:50 pm. -- right now I'm crying.

I cry every time one of us leaves after the weekend, throughout which we've been blissfully ignorant that is has to end. I usually make it to the hour before I have to leave or he does before I start crying.. and as hard as I try not to, and as often as I swallow the knot getting bigger in my throat, and blink back the tears, they inevitably end up rolling down my cheeks until I break down and cry on his shoulder.

I cry every time I hang up the phone with him at night, because although I wouldn't trade spending actual time with him for the time before we actually met, I miss how we used to spend hours on the phone with no regard for what time we had to wake up, hours talking about anything and everything until one of us couldn't hold up the phone any longer. I never talk to him enough outside of my weekends, and it hurts so badly to talk to him briefly from my comfortable bed, knowing that as soon as I hang up the phone I'm going to feel immediately and desperately alone.

I cry when we disagree... I'm already terrified I'll lose him.. and every disagreement we have (as rational and well-talked-through it may be), I'm even more terrified that whatever it's about is going to be enough for him to leave, to tell me I'm just a child and I'm not enough, or I'm not worth it. Which is not to say that we don't agree more than we disagree, or that I really think he's going to leave. But that's why I cry.

I smile when one of us walks through the door on a Friday evening and I make a flying leap into his arms and he squeezes me tightly and kisses me hello. Sometimes we have something to do right away, sometimes we laugh our way into the bedroom, and sometimes we just stand there and enjoy each other's proximity.

I smile when I pick up the phone at night, and hear his voice. I told him from the very beginning that he had a wonderfully awesome and attractive voice, and that hasn't changed. His voice still surprises me every time I hear it... there's just a quality about it that I've always loved, from the moment I first heard it, to the present.. and I can assure you, into the future. Even if I know I won't be talking to him long, it's still such a magical temporary band-aid on my aching heart; an instant cure for the pain of missing him.

I smile when I'm with him.. almost constantly. I love it when I hang up and fold his laundry while he cooks, and when I can do things for him like empty and fill the dishwasher, or take out the trash.. he does so many wonderful things for me that I gladly jump at any chance I have to make his life a little easier. I love when we curl up and watch football, or when we're walking hand in hand down the street.. when he feeds me bites of things, when he looks at me, when he smiles. I smile just thinking about him.

The smiles come so much more frequently than the tears... and are worth so much more.

12:05 am. -- right now I'm smiling.
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My love [06 Oct 2003|08:16am]
[ mood | tired ]

So, I don't have time to write a real entry. But I had a wonderful weekend with John and last night I went to his swim team spaghetti dinner.

So, I present to you the happy couple:

See you all when I have some time to actually write :)
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and it was all yellow [22 Sep 2003|06:56pm]
[ mood | loved ]

Today I was getting ready to leave for my class, when the doorbell rang. My roommate went to answer the door, and then came back upstairs calling "Katy, you might want to come see what came for you.."

So I walk out to the dining room and there is a gorgeous arrangement of yellow daisies on the table in the prettiest vase with yellow daisies painted on it... I opened the card, and I thought I was going to melt Katy all over and ruin the hardwood floors.

I managed to stay solid, and gushed over the gorgeous flowers as I ran into my room to get my phone, so I could call my wonderful and amazing boyfriend at work to thank him. I wasn't sure I could... the only noises I has so far been capable of making were "Awwwwww!" and "Ooooohhhhhhh....." and "Eeeeeee!" and some garbled words that may have resembled "I have the best boyfriend in the whole wide world."

So I called him and got to hear his voice briefly before I had to go, and he sent me flowers just to brighten my day and oh god, how do I deserve someone this amazing and wonderful and incredible and fantastic, who loves me this much?

I thought I knew what love was.

But this.... this is something completely different.

I love him *so* much.

I haven't felt much like writing. So I never wrote about how he surprised me with Packers tickets (on the 50 yard line! 25 rows back! behind the *Packers* bench!) or how he cooked me breakfast, or how he cooked me wisconsin cheese soup from scratch, and how amazing he is to cuddle up to at night... but that'll have to wait.
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Sweeeeeet. [15 Sep 2003|04:37pm]
[ mood | impressed ]

Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoetnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be at the rghit pclae. The rset can be a total mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit porbelm.
Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe.

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