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and it was all yellow

Today I was getting ready to leave for my class, when the doorbell rang. My roommate went to answer the door, and then came back upstairs calling "Katy, you might want to come see what came for you.."

So I walk out to the dining room and there is a gorgeous arrangement of yellow daisies on the table in the prettiest vase with yellow daisies painted on it... I opened the card, and I thought I was going to melt Katy all over and ruin the hardwood floors.

I managed to stay solid, and gushed over the gorgeous flowers as I ran into my room to get my phone, so I could call my wonderful and amazing boyfriend at work to thank him. I wasn't sure I could... the only noises I has so far been capable of making were "Awwwwww!" and "Ooooohhhhhhh....." and "Eeeeeee!" and some garbled words that may have resembled "I have the best boyfriend in the whole wide world."

So I called him and got to hear his voice briefly before I had to go, and he sent me flowers just to brighten my day and oh god, how do I deserve someone this amazing and wonderful and incredible and fantastic, who loves me this much?

I thought I knew what love was.

But this.... this is something completely different.

I love him *so* much.

I haven't felt much like writing. So I never wrote about how he surprised me with Packers tickets (on the 50 yard line! 25 rows back! behind the *Packers* bench!) or how he cooked me breakfast, or how he cooked me wisconsin cheese soup from scratch, and how amazing he is to cuddle up to at night... but that'll have to wait.
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